Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recent eBay Purchase

At least three times daily, I will search for newly listed Hochevar and Fowler cards on eBay.  It is very rare that something I need or want pops up, but when it does, the hunt is on. 

I start strategizing.  Should I bid early?  Should I snipe it at the last second?  Should I even bother bidding when the seller thinks it will cost more than $3 to ship me a single card?

Here is one of my recent eBay victories, a 2006 Tri-Star Prospects Plus Protential Game-Used Patch card.  (It is the middle card in the picture).  It is a good addition to the two Protential cards I already owned.

Top to Bottom - Base Card, Game-Used Patch Card #/25, Game-Used Patch & Auto Card #/10

I believe that the only card I'm missing from this set is the Game-Used Jersey card, but I could be wrong.  So if you have one of those laying around, let me know, I'd love to trade you for it.

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the sewingmachineguy said...

I too, find myself drawn to the daily ebay search. 3 times a day is an addiction. Non-lethal, but still an addiction.