Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Other Cardboard Collection: Lincoln, NE

"My Other Cardboard Collection" is a series of posts in which I show off golf scorecards that I have accumulated over the years from golf courses I've played.

This week's scorecards are from the two Lincoln, Nebraska, golf courses that I've played in the past.

First up is the Crooked Creek Golf Club, which is located east of Lincoln.  It's a nice little course with plenty of water hazards, hence the name "Crooked Creek". 

I did not score well this particular day.  The combination of tree-lined fairways, ever-present hazards, and lousy putting helped me puke up a 98.  Not good.

The second Lincoln course I've played is the Hidden Valley Golf Club which is southeast of Lincoln.

No one in the clubhouse appreciated any my ranch dressing jokes.  Their loss.

Apparently I didn't save the card with my score on it, so I don't remember how I scored on this particular course.

There are quite a few other courses in Lincoln that I'd love to play this summer, but who knows if I'll have the time or money to get down there and do so.

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