Saturday, February 12, 2011

Turning in my Assignment

The baseball card blogging's resident teacher, Dr. Thorzul, has given his first assignment of this semester.
Your assignment is this. Go and find some of your beloved stadium cups. They can be from any sport, but they must be a souvenir cup that came along for the ride with a 32 oz Mountain Dew or a gallon of Dr. Pepper. Absolutely no gift shop-purchased cups, and no glasses, either! If if didn't come with a liquid in it, or you didn't get it at a sporting event, I have no interest in seeing it. 
Since I'm one of the new kids in class, I wanted to be sure to get my first assignment turned in before the due date.

My first stadium cup is also the first one I got when we moved to Omaha.  It is a cup for the beloved Omaha Royals, who have been renamed the Omaha StormChasers, which makes this cup even more important to me. 
The back of this cup reminds us

That's right, "Fun Rules!"  With a slogan like that, who wouldn't want this cup?

My second cup is also very important.  It is a cup that celebrates the final season at Rosenblatt Stadium.

This one is great because half of the cup has a black and white picture showing what it may have been like to be at the stadium in its first season in 1948, as seen here,

While the second half of the cup represents how the stadium looked in it's final season.

My final cup is also the one I obtained most recently.  It is a cup from the Omaha Qwest Center.

My wife and I picked it up at our first Creighton Jays men's basketball game.  One of my coworkers gave us tickets to the game and we had a great time.

The Qwest Center is also home to the University of Nebraska - Omaha hockey team, the Mavericks.

I've only been to one UNO Mavs hockey game, but it wasn't at the Qwest Center.  I watched them play against Notre Dame at the Omaha Civic Auditorium, which is lovingly referred to as The Barn.  It was a fantastic venue for a hockey game.  I regret not getting a Civic Auditorium stadium cup when I was there.

I know that three stadium cups isn't a very impressive collection, but I hope to add at least two more this spring, one from the new Omaha StormChaser's field and the other from in Kansas City's Kaufmann Stadium.

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