Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trade Report: A Royal Flush from Joe from the D

(UPDATE:  Most of you probably know Joe as "Joe from the D", not Jumanji Joe.  I apologize for the confusion.)

Continuing my previous post about a trade that reader Joe from the D and I worked out, here are a sampling of the many Kansas City Royals cards that Joe sent my way.

First up are some Bo Jackson cards, including (what I just learned are) two rookie cards and some serial numbered insert cards.

Next we have a page of Billy Butler and Zach Greinke cards.

 Some Alex Gordons.

Four each of Joakim Soria and Luke Hochevar.

 And, to finish up, a smattering of random Royals.

As you can see, Joe from the D is a great person with which to trade.  Should he contact you about putting together a trade, I highly recommend you jumping at the opportunity.

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Charles @ Hoopography said...

Bo Knows the Kansas City Royals!!!