Friday, February 4, 2011

Three Mikes, a Karl, and a Shaq walk into a bar.

The bartender looks at them and says, "What is this, some kind of joke?"

But seriously.

Here are five more of my favorite cards from the early 1990s that are an important aspect of my collecting history.

I am always surprised that I've kept these Jordans as long as I have.  I'm sure I always hoped they would appreciate in value one day.  But what's even more surprising is that I made it out of my childhood with them because my best friend was a Bulls fan when we were kids.  I have no idea why these never got traded to him.

The Malone is the only Beam Team card I can remember pulling from a pack.  I liked collecting Malone cards because he was the second half of the greatest, most unstoppable play in basketball, the pick-and-roll, and because his nickname was "The Mailman" and my dad is a mailman.

As for the Shaq card, I have a handful of them left over and this one is probably my favorite.


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