Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trade Report: My First Team Logo Manupatch from "'O' No!!!"

Ryan of "'O' No!!!' Another Orioles Blog recently posted a collection of cards as trade bait and I immediately asked him if he'd like to trade me one of the manupatch cards from his collection.  He obliged and soon, this beauty was in my mail box.

I'm excited that my MLB Team Logo Manupatch collection has its first member.  It was very depressing having the words "all teams needed" on my want list.  Now it shall say "all teams needed except the Arizona DBacks", which is an improvement.

A few Rockies and Royals cards were also included in the package.  I love the extra goodies like these.  They make trading all the more enjoyable.

Thanks for the trade Ryan.  I'm excited to do it again.

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darkship said...

I went through about 15 pages of those patches on e-bay and there isn't ONE Royal in the entire set! Epic fail when even the fraking Expos get a card!